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Originally Posted by janielee
No, you humour yourself with such an assertion
I learned from the best.

Originally Posted by janielee
I’m familiar with many teachings and it’s simple that your definition of it does not resonate. I’m not interested enough to determine whether it’s your definition or Jung’s but my experience bears out the truth of the spiritual teachings I’ve learnt from
The truth is anything you want it to be, and it seems you're quite happy to paddle in the shallows. Perhaps it's more of your ego not wanting to know. There must be some deep Spirituality in ignoring the more profound understandings for the shallower ones - which for the most part are merely mentions. I did read through a list you once gave me, which only served to show what your truth is based on.

Originally Posted by janielee
I derided you for brownie points is your interpretation. Even today there are Great Awakened Ones and although you can’t see it, it’s true they no longer operate with ego as the guiding light. Reactivity, and grudges is a good example of ego. (Of which I operate under too)
I know there are Great Awakened Ones, I simply choose not to name-drop. However, that doesn't mean I don't understand their teachings so your tactics won't work.

The first post you ever sent me was to slate me for thinking I was always right, and every post since - including this one - has been a tactic to demean me so that you can gain the Spiritual high ground.

Originally Posted by janielee
As Starman or was it Bartholomew or John32241 once said, it’s all good though, everyone is at the stage of development they are.

That’s fine. What I find unhelpful is people who postulate the impossible because they can’t grasp it. It’s like a bird who insists that there is no true water animal.

As to the so called Masters, ‘tis very clear that we are fortunate they utilize the physical to help those still mired in the worldly ways of harm and suffering,

The world is full of Masters and many aren't even Spiritual, but I guess that's as much down to the ability of the perceiver to recognise them as such.

In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says "Air, water, earth, fire, sky, mind, intelligence and ahankaar (ego) together constitute the nature created by me."

It's not your Spirituality that makes you Spiritual and if you paddled out further than ankle-depth you'd realise that.
"Take your legacy and understand what has gone before. Make a new tomorrow in Love, Light and Faith."