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[quote=Still_Waters]QUOTE 27 EXCERPT:

Originally Posted by The Anointed
Your last post was a bit confusing since the quoted text and your response seem to be merged together.

In any case, your posts still seem self-contradictory and confusing to me since you say that "We are our own Judge" but you also say what is seemingly contradictory in that Vishnu (Hinduism) or the "Son of Man" (Biblical) does the judgment . I don't understand your response.

Kalkin, who is the tenth manifestation of Vishnu, is the supreme Judge of the Hindu. You have Judged yourself guilty and admit before your Judge, the crimes that you have committed against your fellow man, but it is Kalkin who makes the decision as to whether your sins are worthy of everlasting death, or whether He, before whom you (The disembodied mind) stand totally naked, sees that in your passionate despair you have truly repented and are fit to inherit everlasting life in the new body of brilliant and blinding light, or at least deserve another chance to be resurrected physically in the next cycle of universal activity.

May our God preserve you.
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