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yes very possible to connect to someone through dreams, visitation dreams, dead, alive don't matter. i've jumped into close friends dreams once or twice etc, etc plenty of stories about this. on some level we can connect through the dreams. spirits can too connect to us through dreams. we know when it is different from just ordinary dreams

if hes got facebook and you got facebook you could try to message him there, no? If you dare? if you 2 did not end up as enemies and it just ran out i'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you again? or just like something?

oh and about that nailpolish. when i dream of someone he always shows up in the worst of the worst fashion even if i am not sensitive to that. finally one day i had to ask him and always when I see this person clean cut style, the whole work and he says "but that's how I feel inside, that is how I am afraid people will look at me", I went Aaah....
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