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Doomsday. I think slowly but surely we are indeed running out of time to change our ways as a culture, as a society. If we read various reports about climate change, consumption of natural resources, destruction of the environment,..conservative reports like from NASA...say it be very ugly on Earth by 2050 already. Personally, I doubt that we will change anything, from my point of view, we are as a global culture completely obsessed with invidualism, there gives no connection with anything beyond ourselves, any concern for fellow humans and the environment is considered as a kind of communist threat to freedom, personally, I think that we will change our ways through many sufferings and catastrophes in the future,..another fallen civilization,..we won't be the first one.Maybe I sound so pessimistic but I think that in reality we need a literal miracle of enlightenment in order to truly change our ways, given how little time we still have for fundamental change. I do not believe that such miracles will happen, even Jesus, Krishna, Aliens,.. can't safe us from ourselves.
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