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Originally Posted by Baile
I see this more as relating to how we each tend to examine this world and our experiences. Two specific and distinct ways of exploring any question: external and analytical, versus inner and experiential. I equate “here and now” exploration with inner experiential examination:

I stand here speaking with this introverted individual. I feel a space in our social exchange I don’t normally sense when speaking with an extroverted individual. I experience this individual yielding to me, and detect their lack of need and/or ego-desire to assert their self and their opinions into that space.

The experience itself IS the answer. Shyness is everything I inwardly feel, sense and experience when speaking with a shy person. The manner in which shyness touches my soul, IS shyness. There are no external labels I need to come up with in order to make sense of my experience; no reason to "explain" why the individual is shy.

Whereas external, analytical explorations attempt to diagnose, explain and make sense of that which is being examined. The individual’s particular belief parameters – their understanding of this world as it is right now - defines the parameters within which the question is examined. Is shyness a form of fear? Is shyness an incarnation-specific soul experience? Is shyness an indication of Christ love and humility?

Whatever Baile. (that was meant to be like whatever Baile. yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah, I thought I better clarify my meaning of that comment)

Exploring is a wonderful tool to let others share as they see things and openly allow and support whatever flows even as I begin and form a first impression in my OP. It feels like your making it heavier than necessary in an attempt to make it look simple in the way you see all this in your own way of looking into this, but that is about me, don't forget. :)
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