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Originally Posted by naturesflow
I would often be classed as a shy child into my young adult years and even older adult years.

Not so much now.

Fear was part of my world one with shyness, so I wondered if anyone who understands shyness, feels they are related?

I am an introverted nature but that is not what made me shy, that is more how I process the world within so I suppose as a child I did spend a lot of time, watching, observing, taking in, not speaking much. And processing in this way, more silently observing and building meaning and connection this way.

Of course add fear in the mix and you have a recipe for definite appearance of shyness.

So maybe they are both related.

I am also an introvert and used to be called shy as a child. My take on shyness is just lack of practice in social situations. I worked with children for many years and there never was one that didn't come out of her/his shell once shown the tools, which they did by observing others.
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