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Originally Posted by Howla Dark
Shyness is deep rooted. It can be fear for some. A shy animal is afraid of being killed so it hides. In a way, a shy child is shy of people because they look dangerous or intimidating. A shy adult is feeling a sense of that fear or vulnerability.

Yes we are part of nature so we do respond in so many ways according to what we know and understand about nature in everyway.

Some shyness is just not fear but a personality trait, like introversion. Being introvert doesn't really mean someone is also shy.

I don't relate introversion to shyness, but fear in the mix certainly can make one shy away from being more open and outgoing.

Shyness is a form of embarassment too. A person can be shy of wearing a certain type of clothing because they don't want to look stupid.

Well If your feeling embarrassed in this way, isn't that more your worrying about how you look in front of others, which would be more about acceptance to be as you want to be.
A shy sense of being phobic of other people is social anxiety or it can be avoidance personality. I'm like this and it's because I feel drained being among people. Listening to people chattering all day gives me a headache especially when they talk a load of rubbish.

Again though this is part of fear and anxiety. Or just a call to avoid something you don't like doing or want to be a part of all the while knowing what affects it has on you.

It seems placing shyness as a trait upon people potentially has so much more going on within it that its hard to say whether it actually exists alone.
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