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Originally Posted by Baile
Is examining shyness and wondering if it's fear, here and now philosophy?

Is shyness fear?
Is shyness one particular incarnation experience?

Either way it's philosophizing that runs counter to the here and now experience of either being shy, or meeting someone who is shy. Rather than simply experiencing shyness, it's analyzing and intellectualizing and projecting what shyness might possibly and actually be.

Depends on this whole notion that you often refer too in your belief of past lives I guess.

I was stating that maybe that is might be part of your illusion believing that your next life you might be an extrovert or not shy or not fearful and so on.

My question was what if you can be all this right now here in this world as it is right now. That the belief that you can be that another time is just a limitation in the bounds of you versus the infinite view where your defining yourself as a source that cant be this here and now.
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