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It can seem very difficult to make meaningful changes. Buying groceries for example: so much of what supermarkets sell is packaged in plastics that can’t be recycled. Tesco’s indicate which of their plastics can be recycled & which has to go into landfill. So often it seems that most of it has to go into landfill. I find a similar problem with foil.
All of the veg in my local supermarket is now wrapped in plastic, there is no loose veg anymore at all. And I saw a documentary recently showing a coconut that had been wrapped in plastic; there was absolutely no need for this, it's a waste of plastic.
I don't think the supermarkets do enough to reduce the impact of their business on the environment.

Landfill is a big problem because the items in it are not decomposing, so the authorities have to find another use for them. This is a new area of research.
In the UK there are 20,000 landfill sites, & the number is increasing. I find this to be quite alarming.
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