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Thanks Astro.
Yes, the loss of nature is a major issue, sadly not big on the agenda of the world's politicians, and often just not on the agenda at all..!! Truth is, if we all lived more sustainably and ate more sensibly we wouldn't need to cut down any more forest or destroy any more large wildlife habitat. It's incredible how much food variety we can potentially produce yet also keep a lot of lush, protected areas as well. I've seen it in a number of countries. It is inefficient land use perpetuated by big agribusiness interests that is causing the issues.. and that also includes all of us buying products that are particularly harmful to the environment and a cause of deforestation. Scale economics taken to its extreme outcome where only monoculture remains..

The cause is just too far removed from most people's minds. Most people just live their lives without looking beyond their own immediate self interests. This is and will become an ever greater problem with the rising population and resource demands that we have collectively. We are sleepwalking towards global disaster..
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