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Originally Posted by A Wrinkle in Time
Thanks for your feedback BigJohn. I've had two lucid dreams this week that might be related to Judaism. Last night I was lucid in dream where I was traveling upward in well working elevator (good sign). I then requested to meet with a spiritual master. In a room a man with authority was facing me. I should have asked him who he was, as he may have been Adonais, the Jewish Lord. He seemed to be rather methodological or systematic in his behaviour and speech, but I think he was someone real. Other people were in the room as well. At first I thought they were his students. But they may have been other spiritual masters whom were not Jewish. They left the room and I remained with the unknown man. Both of us performed some magic and had a short conversation. Smaller people were present as well. At first I thought they were children, but they may have been full grown Jewish adults.
Other than throwing in the term עולם הבא, olam ha-ba, in your opening post, I don't see anything so far that specifically relates to Judaism.

I should tell you that there is no "Adonais, the Jewish Lord". There is the word adonai which means "my lord" or "my master" which is substituted for the tetragrammaton in prayer, reading from the Tanakh, and in speech and which, in that sense, acts as a name for G-d.
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