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I prefer to clean myself from that garbage of a god. My anger and hate is taking me to extremes

I got fired from my new work. I had a fight with some younger guy who works there. I got arrested for assault. Hes in the hospital. It felt good. I have no guilt. Guy was taunting me. I have massive rage and anger for everything

I walk around ready to snap and fight (and worse) with anyone. Such rage and hate inside I never felt. I am a compassionate empathetic person before these hardships but today i have not 1 iota of sympathy or compassion for anyone. I dont want to write the bad things that are in my mind its definitely something I need help with as I feel now I have nothing to lose. I write a letter to my doctor asking for immediate intervention or it will be too late. My hands shake all the time i cant do anything they shake so much. I feel hate for everything and everyone. I broke my washing machine and dryer already. Ive opened up my knuckles bleeding punching refrigerator door is dented already from punching it. Everytime someone talks to me even befire rhey say something i want to drip a building on them
Well see tomorrow if i can get critical assistance as Im in the brink for no return. Even typing i havr to go back and fix endless mistakes as my fingers cant touch the screen accurately
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