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Hi Supersteel,
I doubt if you would have posted here if you were a committed atheist.
You're not committed. You are unsure?

There is nothing "bad" about being an atheist if that's how you really feel. My Dad was one, and he was a lovely person .

Maybe you just are going through a spiritual crisis of some kind and will find your own ways and your own balance in time. It really doesn't matter what "label" you put on yourself. Your true Soul is beyond all those labels anyway.

Just do the best with life, honouring those things you hold most dear. Don't worry too much about where exactly you fit. You will find your place, if you keep walking with your Soul's purpose in mind.

It may not be easy if you have expectations from family members who are religious. That is your own character lesson, and there is no-one can tell you how to work through that.

But your own independence of belief and freedom to be who you are (or who you are finding out you might be) is yours alone. No one else's. Good luck and may you find the journey interesting and continually evolving.
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