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Originally Posted by Ground
Of course faith is important for buddhists because they are believers and becoming attached to their beliefs and not deviate from them is essential for them. They are individuals seeking a home and trying to find this home in buddhist belief system. That is why if they experience something that does not comply with their beliefs they often become upset and/or seek to escape from the situation.

Therefore I have written:

Occasionally buddhists can achieve unstable equanimity but only in a buddhist setting e.g. when they are together with other buddhists and where they can comfirm each others buddhist believes and feel safe or when they separate from 'the world outside'. But as soon as they face a non-buddhist environment they may again lose this unstable equanimity.

Please be aware that this form section is not a specifically buddhist section, it is about meditation in general, i.e. meditation in the context of all systems of beliefs or non-beliefs. So if you argue from within your buddhist belief system 'the budddha said ...' and the like then this may be an invalid argument for many users here who are not buddhists.

aloha, brother ground,

You know I, tried to join a specifically buddhist meditation discussion group, and after an hour of trying to pick out a name and password, I couldn't manage to do the little visual test to verify my humanity in the five tries they gave me (I'm a little color blind). I managed to join this one, and it was such a hassle I hope I am not unwelcome here.

My current orientation is buddhist, but I am familiar (and conversant) with virtually every wisdom tradition, east and west. I am more concerned with practice than theory, at this point in my life.

Ajahn chah has a simile in his book of similes, in which he likens a person who never thinks of death to a person who has gone to a party and knows that at some point they will have to use the toilet, but has made no effort to find out where the facilities are and their condition.

As for beliefs, everyone believes in all sorts of things, mostly unconsciously. Most people are materialists regardless of what they want to believe or think they believe. Uprooting social conditioning, eliminating bad faith and confusing, conflicting ideas; this is the value of believing in liberation. We choose a single belief in order to master the morass of beliefs which come and go. Ultimately, even that single belief is given up to dwell in pure reality, unmixed by ideas and concepts of any sort whatever.

As for all that about buddhist and non-buddhist environments, I concern myself with an environment conducive to meditation. So, here I am. Hi.

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