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I am very much into my spirituality, and it happen over a long four hour talk at the beach with a close friend. I was rasied Catholic but we didn't go by the book we just believe in god and went to church. I didn't understand the religion so I just said I believe in god. Until four years ago when the talk happen my mind was opened and I was able to understand the the connection with everything. Ever since I have pages and drawings of my new was wonderful how spiritual information just flowed through me. It seem like ever day I was learning more about people's and nature's inner soul and the energy that lies within everything. I started to get in tuned with stones and the magical healing powers, the power of air and water that keeps us alive. I even had a tree expericence where I was in the worst stated of mind and as I layed on the grass outside of a friends house I looked up at a tree and as the wind blew its branches and leaves seem to release this funny nrg and which it made my tears into giggles and gave me a sense of peace. I was fine after that, now I can feel nature's nrg. I can go on and on and tuss me I will..

Any chance that I get to talk about spiritulity and our connections I take that time to help people remember what they forgot..
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