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The Fox Family lived in Hydesville, New York in 1848. Today, Hydesville, New York no longer exists. The foundation of that house still exists and is part of a Museum located at 1510 Hydesville Road, Newark, NY.

Isaac Post and his wife lived about 32 miles west of Hydesville, NY at 36 Sophia Street in Rochester New York. That street is now known as North Plymouth Avenue. Not far from their home was the first house I ever 'bought'. It was a huge, 2 story home and may have been used by the underground railway to smuggle slaves from the South to Canada. As for the Post home, Isaac and Amy Post were part of that underground railway and their home was definitely used by the railroad. They were Abolitionists and they originally were Quakers. Because of their beliefs, they changed and became Hicksites. It should be noted that Susan B. Anthony's family were Quakers and they also changed to be Hicksites.

Isaac and Amy Post held meetings in their homes in which such people as Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth attended. Small World! Six years before the Fox family came on the scene, Isaac Post helped form and was an officer of the Western New York Anti-Slavery Society.

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