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She was really anxious about her first summer job and she had just gotten off of an antidepressant a month before, cold turkey. I think I remember her being really overwhelmed, her depression had come back...she was conflicted romantically between a few guys. She was a hostess at a nice restaurant and it was her 2nd week of being scheduled for work and an overwhelming week at that. A friend she was very close to shocked her and ended the friendship. She was spending a lot of time daydreaming at work because a couple of her shifts were afternoons and the restaurant wasn’t too busy. For years I thought it was a psychological event, depersonalization or dissociative identity disorder, but there are too many symptoms, lack of personality, things I can’t do, things that can’t be explained for it to just be that. I’ve overexplored depersonalization forums and support groups frantically trying to find someone who experienced the same thing as me and have had no luck. I feel so alone. I’m an imposter and I’m so tired of feeling this way.
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