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Gold, paper, plastic and electrons

Those that understand the Message are few and far between with some saying that only Mohammad (pbuh) and the Archangels truly did, leaving aside Allah who knows everything.

That being said, during the course of human history, scholars have reached certain ever changing consenses about what the verses mean.

Today I'd like to talk about money or currency.

Everything has spirit.

Metal is perhaps the oldest substance that the Earth contains, with Gold being perhaps the only metal to exist on Earth naturally ocurring in its purest form.

At what stage does something die?

Paper is from trees, the oldest organic substance found on Earth, is it dead?

Plastic is also from trees, or rather oil which is largely ancestral plant matter, it is older still, again is it dead?

Electrons are within everything, leaving aside the nuclei of atoms, but whether or not they are a substance remains debatable.

As of this time, the majority of Islamic scholars believe that gold should be the currency upon which the world's economy is based.

I am not a banker, I have no opinions, only some knowledge which I provide for others to make a decision about.

Thank you.
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