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Originally Posted by Uma
Yes Starbuck. Sri Vasudeva asserts that Kundalini is responsible for all spiritual experiences and that we are spiritual beings in a human experience in an evolutionary journey. This evolutionary journey is Kundalini's journey back to the Source. We are all Christs in the making, Buddhas in the making. Amazing isn't it? He says we are lions who think we are sheep because we've never met another lion.

But Kundalini awakening is very individual. If you had lots of dramatic awakenings in the past, you may not need them in this lifetime.

Look at the serpentine path of a river. Or the way the branches grow on trees. Look at the spiraling arms of our galaxy or the eliptical orbit of electrons in an atom. Kundalini energy is manifesting everywhere, everything is evolving - but we just call it by another name - Prana (Chi/Qi/Holy Spirit) - life force energy.

Only the human brain has the capacity to allow the incarnating soul to be self-aware and work in a conscious way with its own evolutionary journey. Otherwise life throws us around and we feel like victims, powerless and ineffective when in truth we have amazing power to co-create our evolution with our universe.

Wow that is pretty amazing Uma, that's for that. It encapsulates our human existance in a very profound way.
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