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Originally Posted by Phaelyn
It's just a choice. You can't be an individual, an ego, without the dual wall.
Hardly anybody has much interest in dropping all their beliefs and opinions
and being egoless. So hardly anybody is without the dual wall.

We create the ego, so we create and sustain the dual wall.
The ego can't remove the dual wall. If ego exists so does the wall.
That's what the ego does, makes a difference between me and you.
Me and that.

The bummer is the ego wants to remove the wall. The ego wants to be enlightened too.
It will never happen. One guru said it's like a horse trying to get into it's own saddle. It's impossible.

You and me will never be without the dual wall. We will never be enlightened.
But when we drop ourselves, the wall is gone, and what is....
as soon as you describe it you are an ego again.

In agreement with your post.
And about the above ... Since I am not a “Confucius say” person, but a “Trungpa say” person:
There is some arrogance that prevents you from opening up completely. If you let go of your self-centered watcher, you won’t be able to see yourself becoming a fantastic person. What would be the fun of that?


P.S. running - glad you enjoyed the laff
Two Truths another long story:
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