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A false twin is a new age term that is supposed to describe other new age terms that includes but is not limited to: energy / psychic vampires are considered by most as bad experiences in TF and SM connections, BUT......

everyone's experience should be considered as a blessing in disguise because all these connections are neither good nor bad.

the difference between true and false connections is true ones will set you free in an everlasting connection that cannot be broken by time or distance and regardless of the situation both involved are in, then loves intent is to show you its inner most secrets. however...

false connections are just as potent as true ones, they are fleeting and incredibly painful in ways that are indescribable, You could say they are literally a crash course in the art of true love or its intent to show you, very quickly

they have an immense learning curve to master first because you are constantly letting go of the person with whom there is an attraction, they are mirrors to your desire to be with them, yet by there very nature they are reflecting... nothing more, a reflection of your inner light... nothing more... your inner conflict... nothing more, your pain and hurt... nothing more

I went through hell multiple times with what I thought was my twin flame instead my heart was ripped out from my chest on a constant basis because i could not learn the one simple truth in these connections, you can have but not hold onto, you can love but for loves sake let it be free to move between you, otherwise... all is fair in love and war
"fear is energy that's judged...
by only a conditioned mind"
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