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Introducing Sir Neil

Hello everyone,

Iím Sir Neil (or just Neil really) and I spend my time living a spiritualised and quirky life in the outskirts of London, and travelling the world. If you think my user name looks familiar, itís because I have been a member on another forum for a decade or so now. Unfortunately, it has a lack of user traffic and software glitches these days, so I have decided to give this forum a go now.

I have been interested in spirituality since a Road to Damascus moment during my first year of University life, and have maintained this interest ever since. My particular areas of interest are LOA processes, gratitude, forgiveness, affirmations, visualisations, and past-life issues, but I am always open to learning more. I feel that this forum with its many sub-categories, could be a great place to continue doing this, and I look forward to hearing and reading everyonesí contributions.

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