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Hi Anala!
I can't remember from the top of my head if I could see the full moon in December.
Supermoon last year was in April & May, this year will be in June & July :) But it could very well have been closer in December then this time of course.

This week the temps will be quite cold compared to last month or so, so I'm guesstimating it should be possible to see the moon every night. Cold nights usually mean clear skies, right!

I started my moon journal to find out whether a moon in a sign is always the same for me or not.
I've got just over a year in my journal so I can now begin to compare.
I went over it the other day and clearly most moons are not very nice for me, hihi.
There was one last year that was totally awesome and that was in Libra.
I didn't have much pain and felt inspired to do a major sorting things out and cleaning up in my front bedroom upstairs. And I did a helluva lot without getting pain!
Normally I'm done in if I lift one box on top of a cupboard (neck / head injury) but then I did the whole room, with breaks.
Unfortunately that inspiration and ability to do so much went with the full moon :/

Scorpio & Sagittarius were also good. The rest not so much.
Pretty bleak, hmmzzz...
Wait and see!

Ah, managed to find what last full moon in Gemini was like as I hadn't written it down in my journal.
It was pretty bland, no nothing. No highs, no lows, just nothing. Almost disappointing.
The time before that the full moon was in Gemini I had a lot of problems because of it.
If that is the case with other moons -which I can now check with my journal- then there is no fixed pattern.
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