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Yes I believe different universe’s —- the ‘timelines ‘from giving out a map or (avatar)—-(tracking the perception) it has a field acting on it ( we know this as a form of light, when gaining a perception—- at least light turns up some where) the laws from being plugged in; interfering with the target gains or losses :a perception from possibly being ‘fully plugged-in’ these targets(hunch’s) pitch these gains or losses and gathering a form of ‘let’ (reincarnation issue or some type of matter) timelines are made somewhere through all of this interceptions: we can interact with these via manipulations ( teleportation, time travel , flying, self healing analogies) all sorts of ‘cool’ stuff.... how and why the acting field or ‘matter’ when acting on these time lines are a different subject but one can have these abilities or draw different seclusion or indifference—- these time lines are abilities before gathering a perception- I don’t feel ‘light’ is enough for some abilities but an acting field is(it still can teach me many things) but some of these abilities interact or bend the light and acting fields or the avatar... it’s pretty awesome stuff, to have such powers.. sometimes they are just dreams..other times you can actually get close to these abilities... I’ve flown, teleported or at least had measurements of these abilities at least twice ...still understanding the seven super universe laws, measurements ... can you explain any of them?
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