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Originally Posted by Still_Waters
How would you define "Pure Love"? The word "love" is often used very casually.

I don't believe I can define it.
Though I have experienced a drop of Pure Love that
is beyond what has been available to me in this physical world.
I instinctively knew it as where I came from and where I will return.

So my beliefs about Pure Love are:
What I experienced was still limited and that there is more of this Pure Love yet to be unveiled.
I can not say what the Purest form of this Love is.My mind and vocabulary does not do it justice.
I also believe that it is the "Force" that drives Life in a underlying core energy level.
The Force of Life to Live breaking through the force of death.
Many of the Love religions and practices point to it and attempt to describe it.
I do love the way Rumi writes about it.He gets to the heart of the matter.

I can say when Pure Love essence is present, it seems I am not.
It's Unity without even knowing what Unity is,
as when the raindrop falls into the ocean, as if it always WAS the ocean.
It's the Spring sun rays warming the face.
Warmth infilling your Being if only for a Breath.
There are so many limited ways I could write about Pure Love.
I know nothing.Except it IS and it resides in us All and in All to some degree.
Even the most hideous person ever encountered is only acting out of their Pure Love desires being unmet.
I love the term Great Mystery, that which is yet to be discovered or unveiled and cannot be fully Known in the physical.
Can I ever end learning of Pure Love, I don't know but I think not.
I once read the phrase "Infinite Love and Power" and the word Infinite in conjunction with Love and Power blew my mind and world wide open.
I have not even scratched Pure Love with my words.
It is so Glorious and Alive that one needs to experience IT, to do the dance.
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