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Woah, uh... I channeled another text, no idea how I did it or when or why. But I think I discarded it because it seemed so negative and irrelevant. But then I realised this wasn't about me. Not for me. It was simply something coming through for other people. Who are experiencing things today. Which is really weird, because I don't know or remember how I did it or who was being channeled. But now looking back, it seems that this message was actually very relevant for whatever happened in between when I channeled this and now, on earth. And I thought it was completely irrelevant, because I was thinking from my personal point of view, which is detached from all the world events. Now I realise, whoever is observing us and send me this message knew exactly what was going on. Which is weird, because I had no idea that all of this would happen. Its some boon, that makes me interested to try more. But I am also kind of worried, that the message was negative, so I didnt want to perpetuate it. But after all this time, I look back at this message and see it as very positive, loving and reasuring. Which is weird. Then, maybe nothing that I can recept ve is negative. But certainly my lack of understanding is negative in my experience. But maybe it actually makes me a better channel? I will try more later. But I still hesitate to share unless I have more personal evidence and validation that my messages come from a helpful loving source. Not just a perpuation of whatever unwanted things may be.

Quote old channeled text that I left in storage device:
There are an unholy amount of redundant practices running rampant around your globe, right now. And we would like to say to remain graceful in this period of great turmoil. For you are all going through a darkness unlike that which has ever been seen before on your planet. And that is alright. It has been predicted by many self fulfilling prophecies that also run rampant on your planet today. And that is alright aswell. We do not suggest you be afraid, unless you wish to be. For there is no harm that can be done unto you, other than the one you believe to be. As we perceive it to be your utmost service to provide to the people of your planet today as we perceive time to exist. That upon a day will come that you will be told to behave like a normal human being. Do you wish this to be so? We ask you this that you may ponder the coming days of your planet as we perceive time to exist upon your planet today there will be many of those who disagree with what we say and that is fine aswell. As THIS MESSAGE has been received. By many people of your planet. As of your planet there will be many who will also be of like minded individuals who will enjoy your presence. As you perceive time to exist. And they will also be of like minded individuals who will awaken you to a greater deal of the nature of reality. As we perceive no seperation between you and the people. And we are here to remind you of that. As we perceive your time of awakening to be near. And so we precaution you all to the greater nature of reality as we perceive time to exist upon your planet. Today many people will be told to leave their home. They will want to leave their home, or so they think. But it is not necessary that they do so. Because all pathways eventually lead home. And the grace of home is what will remain with you forevermore. Throughout all time and space. Even in the coming times of great need, there will be a period of great awakening to the greater nature of reality. As all is well. And you need not worry about the great plan that spirit has for one and another. Did you remember what someone has told you? We wish to clarify this for you, as we perceive your time to exist it to be as we perceive it. We would like to say to you that you are in good hands. You are fully taken care of and no harm can come to you. You do not need to worry about that. As we perceive your time exist, here on this planet where you are being born into great chaos. Abrupting forth out of the great chaos will be a time of neediness and worry and alike. And that is ok. As we perceive your time to exist. As we perceive your time to exist upon this planet. There will be a great need to help the people around your planet. And they will gather like unto a great deal of chaos and destruction. And you will be taken care of your needs. And your desires will be granted forth to you whom you truely are being and becoming evermore naturally and effortlessly here and now.

Looking back I am thinking, who's they? Who's watching us? And why? But I've noticed my questioning heavily distorts the message. So I can only just stand back and allow the flow of communication with whoever or whatever is communicating this. I assume it was similarly channeled as the previous text. But I don't remember, because I thought it was a failed attempt so I just let it stand and forget about. Funny looking back now after all that's been going on lately in the world.
Also the previous one, was completely not intentional. I had no idea all this would happen. And yet the information came through me... Huh? Is there perhaps a hidden deeper aspect of me that already knows everything that's going on? And has clear foresight? It's so weird.
From my personal perspective, "yeah bad things happen, who cares..." and its funny because someone seems to care! For some reason. Maybe it was a deep burried inner aspect of me that still cares. Or maybe an other being entirely. Time will tell. Maybe both. Maybe neither. I hope both.
But the first message was more hopeful feeling so I allowed it.
This second one, seemed too negative. But I wasn't aware of all the love and attention to people who are not me. And it's somewhat enjoyable to enveil that I am not channeling for myself. Feels like hey, maybe some good being wants to help by sharing some good kind words of reassurance. This one feels soothing. But not as hopeful as the first one. Which was very hopeful, in my opinion, which appearantly is irrelevant, because that opinion changed from "this message is too bad, to wow.. This is actually a kind loving message."
Weird to channel something I myself do not even understand. Very weird, looking back. It's like, wait... How did I know? But this did not come from me? Huh? Then who is inside of me telling me this?
Eitherway, I'm eager to try more text channeling now. Fun to look back at it! I just hope I can get to know more about whoever I am communicating with, or who is coming through. I'll go in with that intention, perhaps, but I know often intention just blocks my ability to receive and flow clearly and easily and quickly without distortion. So I'll see what happens.
Sharing perspective.
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