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Can reflexology CAUSE a sinus infection?


First off, I would like to state that I am not a certified reflexologist, but I have studied it for about four years, read many books/articles on the subject, and have had about 30 hours of "hands-on" practice (free of charge for friends). With that said, I gave an hour long reflexology treatment to a friend of mine yesterday, and during our session, her nose started running, just a bit, which I felt was a good thing because from what I've read/heard, that can be the body "detoxing." Earlier this morning, she texted me and said that she was up most of last night with a headache and congestion. I questioned her further, and she said that her nose was running yesterday evening, but then became congested during the night. She said that today her nose was running, but she had a bad headache and was congested. From what I've read/experienced, reflexology is supposed to relieve congestion, not cause it. I've scoured the internet and can't find anything which says reflexology can cause sinus congestion like this. Can anyone comment on this? I'm very afraid, and she admitted as much, that she will think that reflexology caused this. I think that this is just a coincidence and that she has a sinus infection, etc. that just happened to reveal itself during/after our session. She has had about 10 sessions with me before, and nothing like this has ever happened, but I'm still afraid she's going to think that reflexology caused this and will no longer believe in its proven benefits. Can anyone comment on this? Has anyone ever experienced anything like this that I can share with her? Thanks, Everyone!
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