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This is why I been mostly in Facebook, Standing Rock Water Protectors wanted people to show whats going on there, and share their posts, live videos, because the media won't even show anything about what's going on there, I also have alot of photos too, but it's photos of them being attacked by the military police from different states, snipers, they almost blew one girl's arm off, and shot one girl in the eye, don't think she will see in it anymore, alot of guy's got shot in the head, needed lots of stitches, plus they used water cannons on them, and it was already freezing cold weather, after all of this, the police lied saying they never did anything to the water protectors, I was up late at night, watching all of their live videos, I wish the DAPL would get shut down soon, since they can't get the last permit to dig under neath the river, but they still there digging, so they going against the law
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