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Originally Posted by shoresh
End of life encounters, after death communications and other OOB literature. Which made me realize in a sense, we (in this current awakening) appear to be going back to some very ancient spiritual teachings rather than finding new teachings... that they were somehow lost to most of us in the Western hemisphere. Perhaps I am drawn to them, because my grandfather's family is from Norway. I remember seeing some of the crafts and knitted wear the relatives from Norway sent over which had some of the same symbols / artwork on them. My great grandmother was also to said to be able to see spirits of people gone over, along with some of my other family members which have certain abilities as well. I understand, from that cultural viewpoint, it would not have been unusual to have those gifts.
You are quite right there shoresh ........
One of the most beautiful things I found was the Saami's use of a Joik
I have found a Joik that really spoke to my heart, at first I only heard the singer. Afterwards I found out it was dedicated to his young friend who had passed. here it is by Jon Henrik.

..... except - Jon Henrik is Native Colombian by birth, adopted by a Saami family from Sweden and was thus brought up as Saami & going strong:

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