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Originally Posted by BigJohn


Surely you jest!

How many women are head of a Church today?
A fair number.


As a Jewish Sect broke away from Judaism and became Christianity, they immediately began changing certain beliefs and practices because they were no longer under Jewish LAW. The most progressive of the Apostles was Saint Paul (who died around 65 A.D.). Paul showered the congregations that, 'what was', is no longer 'so'. Animal sacrifice was done away with. Tithing was done away with. Women were allowed to do more things such as use their homes for places of worship.

There are several women mentioned in the Bible that Paul held in high regard. Jesus, who instituted the transformation of teachings very favorable to women set the example for others to emulate. Jesus had women play major roles in his ministries, their presence at his death and resurrection.

Much has been said and written about how this new religion was perpetuated. If Paul had lived longer, I am confident more changes for women would have come forth. Now, today, we see women leading congregations.


Today, virtually all Christians do not believe that.

I disagree, and if you check the % of women clergy, your number will be tiny.

There are two wings to religions and my target is the right, while you speak of the left.

How many right wingers are there who still discriminate against women and gays without a just cause?

Your last election showed way to many.

I would be ashamed of Canada if we showed ourselves to be as backwards thinking as Americans.

If you are correct, then women have been declared as equal in the church and they will remove the misogynous teachings in the bible. Right?

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