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Amla powder for hair washing - a good or a bad idea?

Has anyone had any success using Amla powder for washing hair?

I tried that a while ago, using pure Amla powder from India. Amla has been used for hair care since ancient times in India. I mixed the powder with water and applied it to my scalp and then rinsed it off.

The result wasn't bad, it's just that it took a long time to apply the powder properly and the whole thing was ever so messy! The powder flew everywhere so unless one wants to clean one's bathroom each time one has a shower - forget it!

It didn't help with hair loss either - on the contrary, it made it worse, and it left my scalp really itchy. I eventually gave up because too much of my hair was falling out because my scalp had become clogged up.

I am however very concerned about the use of chemicals in shampoos, especially so since they all leave a residue behind, and wonder if there is a way to use Amla powder for hair washing without encountering the issues that I came across.
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