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Thank you for sharing. Very beautiful. I have no doubt every word is true. There are so many experiences to share!

Life is a great blessing.

I believe that what you believe in the centre of yourself, manifests in your reality. I also believe, that for a brighter future. All we need to do is say to ourselves what if.

What if tomorrow will be greater than today?
What if my spiritual understanding will increase day by day, multiplying forever.

What if my Spiritual senses will become more attuned?
What if, everywhere I walk flower will bloom?

Dreams are powerful too. I love the really clear dreams. I had one the other night. It was a really happy dream. It made me smile. I was a little disappointed when I awoke.

I think what if is a door partially open. That when we say this we leave the door open for another reality to come in.

I love you. Peace.
We are the phoenix rising,
we are the phoenix rising,
we are the phoenix rising.

If I do a reading for you. Be aware, that all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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"It is worst still to be ignorant of your own ignorance"
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