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That was Lovely to read, About 10 years ago i was in a Healing circle the woman next to me, who i knew. stood up to be Healed i was standing next to her. i knew she had'nt been well but i did'nt know to what extent, i was giving her Healing, when a huge figure stood by her ,he was tall all of a sudden a golden glow filled the room and i could feel the Heat coming from him, he wrapped his wings around her, you could feel how soft his wings were.
I have seen Angel wings before just after my husband passed a huge pair of Angel wings covered the whole ceiling in the bedroom.
I have heard Angel music also it was soft and mellow so beautiful.
When i told a couple of people they were adament i had dreampt it,
My best friends son is Autistic he is reallly bad and getting worse as he gets older yet by the age of 3 he could tell you, the 24 hour clock.
he used to speak to people when he was younger. my friend used to ask me
who he was speaking to.

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