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Originally Posted by John32241

That is a marvelos story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

My understanding is that all autistic children are telepathic. It is easy for them to converse with spirits. She is your star child.

As a medium, do you see every human as an immortal spirit being? I suspect your daughter does.


Yes, everyone is immortal, as everyone has a gift from the Eternal one, a small part of the Eternal has been given to us. It is our only posseson. I believe that we all move onto a higher level after we "die" and some of us decide to incarnate again so that we can progress. When this happens, others, our love ones, sometimes reluctantly accompany us because they love us so much. So whole mass reincarnations happen. This our family and friends.

Sometimes a soul will choose to stay behind. The reasons are many. Perhaps they decide to live in a particular place in the Spiritual realm because it is simply their favourite place.

My daughter has decided to incarnate and I am so grateful to her for doing so. I have three wonderful daughters. The oldiest is a young soul, I feel, Trinity (my autistic daughter) is the middle child and Tiffany, my youngiest is a very old soul. We have traveled through many thousands of years together. She is so wonderfully clever.

We live in a time of abundance now.

I feel that I should pour more time into the forums. It is great to spend time with like minded souls

Peace and love.
We are the phoenix rising,
we are the phoenix rising,
we are the phoenix rising.

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