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Angel clothed in flesh

Just something I want to share. I had an experience about 25 years ago.

I was led down on my bed meditating. And suddenly the vibration of the room shifted. My third eye was open. A girl appeared on a magic carpet appeared. "She said whopee."

And then whizzed off. Gone.

I was like. "what was that!"

My guide said. "That was a star child. She will be born into your family one day."

Many years later my daughter was born. "There she is," said my guide. "There is your star child"

As my daughter grew up I could tell there was something different about her. At the age of onem My guide told me she would be diagnosed as "autistic" That she was not disabled but she was en-abled.

I watched her today. She is seventeen now. I watched her talk to three different invisible people. I couldn't tap into the vibration of the spirits although I am an accomplished meduim but that is okay. The spirits wanted to stay hidden because their secret wonderful pleasure is to communicate and play with daughter every chance they get.

My daughter is an Angel. Some people are angels. Some Angels are clothed in flesh. Did you know this? I hope you do.

Love you
We are the phoenix rising,
we are the phoenix rising,
we are the phoenix rising.

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