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Originally Posted by Elfin really is the most wonderful place ever. And in real life there is nothing as beautiful as walking in nature, be it a field, a woodland, even along a grass verge on a country lane filled with wild flowers . I fly a lot. Especially as a child and in my younger years. I fly across oceans, and across the city . When I see through my third eye just before sleep I see so many lovely images. But there is one re-curring vision that I am shown and which I love. It's a country lane with trees to both sides which curve slightly into the road. The sun is just going down. There is no- one to be seen and no vehicles on the road, it's just mine. It is as though I am driving a car along the road at speed. But I cannot see the bonnet of the car or my hands on the wheel. I can only see the road and the trees rushing by. It's an amazing experience.

I see this pattern at all the people who are drawn to the spiritual "side of life", they all love nature and love to be in nature.

You really do have some wonderful experiences! Maybe this recurring vision of yours means something for you, something deeper that you, at this moment, are not aware of. I've seen families living in houses in the astral realms, they had houses just like ours and they were just like us. I kinda invaded the backyard of two women, I had no idea that they were living there. Not just once I visited houses that I've never seen in real life.
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