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Inner Sun

I experienced this, last night while I was meditating. I fell into a trance-like state and I was teleported somewhere else, for a couple of moments, the outside world totally disappeared.

I found myself staring at this orb of pure white light. The light was shining quite powerfully and beautifully but in a gentle way, there was no "eye irritation", it was gentle and peaceful, I could stare directly at it. It's like watching the Sun without the Sun rays to hurt your eyes.

It was such blissful experience, when I returned into this world, I was left with a pressure on my forehead, you know, between my eyebrows but a little bit above them. Even after a night of sleep, the pressure is still there. I meditated once again this morning and the pressure became a little bit more noticeable.

The thing is that I was not focusing on my third eye energy point, I let myself drift away as I usually do when I meditate. We do this before we fall asleep, we drift away, but we are not aware of this because we have not trained ourselves to stay aware in such moments.

I called this the Inner Sun, it looked like a Sun and the Sun rays looked like the Sun rays of our Sun. I forgot to say, I was listening to some peaceful music, but when I wast there, in that place, where the inner Sun appeared, I could not hear the music and I was listening to my headphones the whole time, when I "returned", the music was still playing. One more thing, this is important, prior to this experience, I felt as if I was getting lighter and lighter, as if something is rising up, I don't know how to describe this, anyway, it was floating above my body and this something was me, but I was awake at this point so how could this be.

This is how it looked like, but it was "alive".

The whole experience was very vivid and clear, I can see it in my inner eye as if it just happened.
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