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Hi Clover,
Indeed the two cards are confusing, even more some on other decks than the RWS. Two of Wands of Green Witch tarot shows a woman waving at two toads that are venturing off, each carrying a wand. There's a cart with fabric she's weaved. The book says it's about beginning something new with lots of enthusiasm, but the results it will bring are yet unknown.

Then 3 of Wands depicts a ship at the docks with crates on the docks. Book says that returns on a venture are successful, possibly even better than expected. Funny enough you can both see the ship as having arrived or about to leave. I'd never seen that before.

With the RWS I always took the 3 of Wands man to be looking out at what he'd want to do and achieve in the future. But I guess it could also be that he already has goods on the ships and they're either departing to sell the goods or are coming in with good returns on a venture.

Hmmzzz, confusing cards indeed. Esp when comparing: RWS 2 of wands has no action, Green Witch has the 2 toads running off with the wands. Maybe I should erase those toads, lol, they put me on the wrong foot, haha. Glue a picture of a flower over it or something
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