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Originally Posted by naturesflow
I know its clear to you.

I find that you stay in your experience and wont let go and discuss deeper to develop more understanding or what others offer in discussion to open up deeper more to your own view and your experience.

This is not about saying your experience is not right for you, but have you ever considered that when you post things in this way, their is much more at play in relation to illness and people suffering with illness and instead of looking at this from *maybe I should just get sick more often* and spreading this message you might consider as part of your own experience that their is much more at play and build understanding through questions and shared ideas offered, to grow and deepen understanding in the message your conveying to a larger audience here.

Perhaps you feel your posts are only about you and those that agree with you or side with you in similar alignment?

I guess that's fine though.

It was a joke. And a description of the experience. But maybe i should sense its nice growing at a faster rate. I get sick once every year or two. Never stop working though cause thats not an option. Unless im dieing. Lol
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