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An acquaintance of mine was telling me about a time in his life spent overseas as a young adult where he was constantly in very close proximity to those he worked with everyday.
Essentially it was a tight knit community which worked and lived together (I am reluctant to use the term commune here lol)... any way... a very different experience to what I and he himself were familiar with as a "rural bred Australians".

Anywho, he was speaking in a sense of the transition from identifying as an introvert to sort of having to adapt to a situation which requires a fair degree of extroversion...

It all makes me wonder all the more about human adaptability...

Hmmm furthermore it makes me wonder about my identity as a "country kid" familiar with the wide open spaces and quite at home with the isolation that comes with my own cultural identity...

Adaptability... its something that makes us so success as humans... it often feels that it seems to trump concrete beliefs of identity.
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