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Originally Posted by pearlswan
I think I'm an ambivert, as I could be an introvert but extrovert as well. Depending on the surrounding, people, my mood, etc. Though I guess mostly I prefer in solitude. In psychology it is said that shy and introvert is NOT the same. Everyone and anyone could be shy, but not an introvert. I'm not really sure how I could give an example myself since now I don't get out often. But when I'm at the mall or stores, I don't feel 'shy' but rather like, uncomfortable? I don't get anxious or scared or anything, I just feel uncomfy sometimes. That's all. Sometimes it gets itchy that I decided to walk pass a store that I wanted to go in lol.

I am both too, but predominately introverted processing. Having let go of fearful behaviours, I wondered naturally if fear was actually what others and myself determined as being *shy*. That within the introverted open nature not holding down in fear their is the potential of being both like you feel you can be and myself too. Shyness being more a point of unable to speak because still processing too much in the surroundings and not clear to do so? Knowing my introverted nature in deep thought I most often in this way, realize I am inward reflecting on outward surroundings. If this is too much I tend to want to be alone to clear out the inflow of others or life.

I am with you on the places, mood and surroundings. Even certain people. I love people but my introverted nature when I go quiet now is more I am needing down time or alone time to find myself again.
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