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So as you say it is not rocket science I agree, its a deeper reflective understanding of all life and hearts, broken, collapsed and laying on the floor of despair.

It may appear very simplistic riding the wave of love and joy. Every experience is unique my heart knows this.

Those people trapped, its a much deeper and difficult process of opening and letting go. And love and joy itself can often feel very painful for them if it flows in the way they are not use to feeling.

For the homeless man on the street who relies on his drugs and bottle to keep him sustained, his bliss and joy become his tools of dependence. So you make him smile wider when you give him his bottle over food, love or joy. He wants his own joy his way. Not our way.

So this way you show becomes once again a very sensitive subject that requires deeper awareness of itself and others as they are.

We can model our way, but the way is not our way. And I suppose in heart matters this is important to show too in the way your showing as a way.
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