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There is tons of information out there about countless things as spiritual. 90% or greater imo.

There is not so much on the opening of the heart, rising of the kundalini and how it directly effects the nervous system.

This is very simple stuff. Its not rocket science and its not a unique experience.

When the heart opens and the kundalini rises a magical thing begins to happen. The human nervous system becomes activated by spirit.

This results in a joy in the body and a silence in the mind. The joy is not from the emotional body. It is from the nervous system.

Some refer to shakti as the joy. Silence as shiva.

The joy can have an intoxicating feel to it. You can feel the movement through the body.

The silence is like a peace in the mind. Its like there is nothing or not much extra activity going on. But the brain works fine.

The joy and silence live along side of preferences and emotions. Everything coexists.

Over time the joy and peace become established.

Once they have become established. Emotions and circumstances no longer can make it come and go. It becomes endless. Reguardless of anything and everything. Nor can you wish it away or turn it off.

Thats a basic out line. A million things can be said about it. But this is whats important imo. Hope this helps somebody whom may be experiencing a heart and kundalini awakening. Or is interested in the possibilities through meditation and or some other practice for energetic decelopement.
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