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hi, its possible that your system cannot handle the amount of raw food you're eating; which is not excessive but different strokes. in chinese medicine they say that more than a little raw can weaken the spleen/pancreas meridian. this meridian also processes sugars including fruit sugar and its high period is bewteen 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. it is said that you shouldn't eat sugars or very little at this time as it makes it difficult for this meridian to rejuvanate. this meridan is also negatively affected by cold or too much raw (more so at this time and more so in winter).

to be vegeytarian/vegan healthily requires a body with a good natural ground. gluten free should've helped that. might seem like a strange thing to do but, if you like, try 2-3 days on just cooked food and see if that helps. no cold drinks and low g.i. too much fruit sugar alone is not good. i know of a story about a woman who came down with a chronic longterm illness following a fruit juice cleanse and my bro was illl on veg juices. it doesn't help everyone. could be summat else of course.
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