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body rejecting cooked food

i went vegetarian 2 years ago, then quickly vegan. i now eat at least 3 (out of 5) raw meals a day. in the past couple weeks, cooked food has made me so sick. i only eat organic.... so even organic, lightly cooked veggies or soups are making me extremely bloated, tired, nauseated... feels like i have a stomach flu!
i have been keeping a diary, and have pinpointed my sick feelings to the cooked food. last night, i even threw up & had stomach problems after eating 4 cooked meals in 24 hours (i wanted to test it).

my body seems to be rejecting cooked food, just like when i inadvertently eat something with animal products in it - my body rejects it. despite my explicit explanation, sometimes vegetables will be cooked with animal grease at a restaurant - the only way i know is because i will throw it up soon after. then the restaurant investigates & confirms.

i don't eat soy or gluten, this happens when i eat cooked organic veggies, soup, etc...

has this happened to anyone else??
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