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Well......were to start.

I managed to hurt my back when I was 16 (long, long time ago) I was a bit green behind the ears and thought I was superman trying to lift some rather large chunks of wood into a trailer (not a good idea).
Well after years of popping pills like "smarties" and trying to move into every conceivable position to keep comfortable in bed, the writing came on the wall one morning whilst I was trying to clear snow off a path unknown to me there was a nasty little rock stuck to the path under the snowand my snow shovel rammed into it............well I managed to get up and apart from the pain I noticed I was walking lopsided ( like I had been on the larrup)
I decided I was going to see a physio and wailed like a baby all the way through it vowing never to darken their doorstep again with no end to the pain.

After walking around like a paralyzed parrot I decided to try to get my back sorted at the local Osteopath (I thought they might be cranks).
Well it started well enough with a bit of prodding and poking then the fun really erupted crack!!! went my spine, crunch went my neck!!! after having a half hours torture (and wondering who else get's paid to torture someone) I was told to stand up and see how far I could bend forward and after introducing my eyes to my feet once more and nearly dropping on the floor and praying to god there and then (which I did when I got home to the comfort of my own home) I walked out with a strut in my step and twinkle in my eye lol

Well lesson learned, at least try something first before you write it off.

Amen to that

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