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Confused - where exactly are the Chakras?

Hi all,

I am seriously confused.

Where exactly are the Chakras? In some places they say its on the spine (for the first 5). Others say its only in the front, or only on the spine. In the book "Hands of Light" it says that for most of our main 7 chakras come in pairs, one in the front, one in the back. (Root and Crown chakras are seen as a pair).

And that book also illustrates that we got a central pole going from the root chakra (which is at the perineum), straight up the center of the body, to our crown chakra. Yet I've seen the kundalini illustrated as going up the spine, rather than this central pole

I actually have so many more questions about Chakras but... to avoid confusing myself any further... I'd just plainly like to know where exactly they are.

Thanks again
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