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Hi! I'm in and out of the raw foods diet. (I'm not anything 100%). I even went fruitarian for a few weeks. What I gathered so far from my reading and doings is: the keys to these raw diets are variety, quality, and quantity.

You have to eat more than your usual share of fruits and vegetables. On a cooked diet all you would have to eat is a small amount of meats, rice and beans, wheat bread, oatmeal and milk... for protein. In a raw diet there isn't as much a variety and the sources that are available don't normally have the same amount of protein available.

Quality is important because alot of the fruits and vegetables you buy in the supermarkets were picked too early which means they did not get enough time to soak in the nutrients from the soil. Also, most farmers that sell to big chains over-farm their land meaning they remove all plant materials from the soil as well as re-plant continuously in one spot. Basically all of this means the fruits and vegetables you buy will not have all the nutrients they are supposed to have and therefor you will need to eat more than you should have to if you go for bad quality produce.

You are going to need variety, maybe even eat stuff you never used to eat in order to get all your nutrients. For example just eating broccoli, lettuce and apples all day won't give you what you need.

Avocado, olive, coconut, almond, cashew and peanut are great for raw fats/oils.

For protein, some foods to conside are: raw peas, kale, chive, collard green, broccoli, spinach, raw almond butter, raw peanut butter, avocado (I think)shredded coconut as well as other nuts (macadamian, walnut, brazil, chestnut, hazelnut) and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, flax, sesame).

The best thing about going raw and fruitarian was I got to eat vegetables and fruits I never considered eating before. Most of the exotic fruits were to expensive for me. But when I cut out the other stuff I was a left with money to buy the exotic and/or normally-too-expensive stuff.

I hope this helps a bit. Happy Journey!!!
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