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I've been in a similar boat as you. I went vegan about 2 years ago and after year one I practised raw veganism. I say practise becaues that is what you need to do when it comes to anything, i found it easy to make the switch and at the time i switched i also started eating only organic foods. I live in a cold climate, up in Vancouver BC Canada and i made the switch in the summer time.. I went through the summer as a raw foodie and found it to be really easy, i even did a few water fasts and juice fasts, and found myself with an abundance of energy and positive vibrations and even other similar energies i felt when i first went just vegan. the summer passed and the cold weather came and i started to slip, i was finding it very difficult to stay on the raw food diet as the weather and climate began transitioning to single digit temperatures. But i still practiced a raw vegan lifestyle. I have realized during this colder temperature season, by researching, that the diet is really different for many people. Body and environment is crucial to success and changes in direction. meet some people who are practicing the same thing and spend your time with them. and I would suggest creating a youtube channel and find some channels and subscribe to them. even onto my 3rd year of healthy living i learn so much every week. I am still struggling but again i am stil practicing, some raw foodies I've talked to have taken them many years to get completely raw and to find out what works for them. so i cannot stress to try as many things as you can,
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