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Originally Posted by Gem
I don't know anything about chakras and 'experts' in the area seem to be at loggerheads, an seldom agree on anything, even the location or number of chakras.

My experience is through meditation, which hones the perceptive ability, and the face is an area which is very sensitive sensationally, but no face chakra, and if there were, how many chakras is that now?

People are bunging them in everywhere, on the hands, the heart and the upper heart, the 22 which extend above the body into heaven and now the face and so on. OK? People just make it all up as they go along

Not only is there is no scientific, independent verification, this is a field which largely shuns science. And few willl even understand the word epistemology, never mind be trained in it.

For me, Brennan is the only authority on etheric bodies. Everyone else has either regurgitated basic knowledge honed over centuries or made their own unverified and probably wrong additions.

Liet has made a valuable contribution though which I'll come back to when I've meditated on this centre's "colour".
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